Edinburgh Audio Guide

Edinburgh Audio guide will introduce you to Edinburgh’s history, world famous landmarks, and cultural heritage, providing you with interesting stories about the people who lived and worked in the city and the events and traditions that shaped its character and identity.

Listen to the Audio Point One – Walter Scott Monument and Calton Hill.

Edinburgh is famous for its incredibly rich heritage, stunning architecture and iconic landmarks scattered across the city. From the ancient cobbled streets of the Old Town to the wide Georgian avenues of the New Town, the city is a fascinating place to explore.

Created by a professional tour guide and beautifully voiced, Edinburgh Audio Guide consists of 15 audio points with a total duration of 1 hour and 11 minutes

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Edinburgh Audio Guide – Audio points, Directions, and a Map with the Route.

To make it easier for you to navigate in Edinburgh, each audio point listed below has a link to Google Maps with directions. In Google Maps click on ‘Directions’ to go to the next audio point. At the bottom of this page you’ll find an MAP with the route and all audio points. If you don’t have an Internet connection on your device you can use a pdf map which is included in the download package.

History of Edinburgh – a brief introduction. Audio track length – 6 min 50 sec.
Listen to a sample.

01. The Scott Monument. Audio track length – 4 min 43 sec.
Directions to the Scott Monument (opens Google Maps in a new tab).
Listen to the full track.

02. Nor Loch and Cockburn Street. Audio track length – 4 min 54 sec.
Directions to Cockburn Street. 5 minutes walk.
Listen to a sample.

03. The Royal Mile, Mercat Cross and St Giles’ Cathedral. Audio track length – 8 min 30 sec.
Directions to Mercat Cross. 4 minutes walk.
Listen to a sample.

04. Lawnmarket, Gladstone’s Land. Audio track length – 4 min 17 sec.

Directions to Lawnmarket. 2 minutes walk.

05. Grassmarket and Edinburgh Castle. Audio track length – 4 min 52 sec.

Directions to Grassmarket. 5 minutes walk.

07. Charlotte Square. Audio track length – 4 min 33 sec.

Directions to Charlotte Square. 7 minutes walk.

08. George Street. Audio track length – 4 min 12 sec.

Directions to George Street. 8 minutes walk.

11. John Knox House and World’s End. Audio track length – 2 min 39sec.

Directions to John Knox House. 4 minutes walk.

12. The Canongate. Audio track length- 3 min 38 sec.

Directions to Canongate. 4 minutes walk.

13. The Scottish Parliament Building. Audio track length – 3 min 04 sec.

Directions to the Parliament Building. 4 minutes walk.

14. The Palace of Holyroodhouse. Audio track length – 3 min 57 sec.

Directions to the Palace. 2 minutes walk.

Edinburgh Audio Guide Route Map